Passing on traditions through cooking

Coriander, Mint and Musings

By Ryan D’Souza Atop an inverted utensil sits a marble mortar, in which the pestle holds my phone straight up so that my mother can supervise via Skype the thinly cut onions completely out of view....
Actress Shivaani Sharma

Actress Shivaani Sharma on Hollywood, Bollywood, and Representation

By Nimarta Narang As the actress Shivaani Sharma and I enter the doors of the Badmaash, a very popular Indian restaurant in LA, we are immediately swarmed with 90s Bollywood music and the fresh smell...
Indian snacks for sale

A Story on Fried Treats and Closeness

By Vyasar Ganesan When I mention the Chinese, Sorabh looks uncomfortable. His mother, Sushma, tells me that it's only recently that so many have been coming here. This is news to me, because Flushing is...
How to select an Indian Cookbook

4 Rules for Buying an Indian Cookbook

By Vyasar GanesanWith all the rage and craze around international cuisine these days, Indian cooking has come to the fore in America as a leader in flavors, textures, methods and ingredients. In layman’s terms, it’s...
Anita Dongre Grassroots

5 South Asian Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

By Anvita Reddy  The fashion industry is a major contributor to environmental and socio-economic issues. It is a big part of this issue due to the wasteful nature of fleeting trends and the poor treatment...
Nina Davuluri Rooshi Roy

Everything you Need to Know About Nina Davuluri and Rooshy Roy’s Skincare Line

By Anvita Reddy Former Miss America Nina Davuluri and Rooshy Roy have delved into the Indian culture of beauty, science, and Ayurvedic healing for their new beauty and skincare brand Aavrani.What started out as a...
Indian and American food similarities

Would you Rather eat These 15 Desi Dishes or Their American Doppelgängers?

Indian food is uniquely delicious. However, there are numerous American recipes and dishes that are similar in nature and looks to Indian ones. At least that's how it seems.In a Washington Post article a few years...
Dog Tribute

On Love and Loss: What it’s Really Like to Lose Your 4-Legged BFF

By Manisha Dass, in tribute to Zeik, 8/19/2010 – 6/6/2020 There is a gnawing ache that just overcomes you when you must make what I believe to be one of the most difficult decision in...
July 4th recipes by Instapottin'with Poonam

3 Independence Day Recipes by Instapottin’ with Poonam

By Instapottin' with Poonam Independence Day in the USA, or the Fourth of July as we all know it, is one of those all-American holidays full of family, food, and fun and let's face it,...
Personal story of coming out

The Alchemy of Being Gay in a Mildly Conservative Punjabi Family

By Manisha Dass I still remember the day like it was yesterday. My siblings and I were at our neighborhood bar, after leaving a super lame birthday party that I forced them to go to....