When I first came across Ami Desai’s Instagram feed, I said here we go again, another drop-dead gorgeous desi woman I will never be as baddie as. However, a quick stalking session later I realized Desai is more than good looks with a well-curated social media feed.

Her credentials as an influencer, not to mention her business and media acumen, are hashtag everything and all the goals.  As the clip below demonstrates, Desai’s wheelhouse is impressive to say the least.

Go onto Dasai’s Instagram and you’ll notice the 28 + thousand following she’s amassed. So how did this all happen and, aside from looking flawless, what is the full scope of her work?

Like many South Asian-Americans, Desai grew up with a lack of representation in the media. Seeing the void, Desai realized that it was up to her to be the representation she longed for.

It was not easy, but Desai’s passion and road to fabulosity began at UC Berkeley where she majored in communications. After college, she started working with E! Network, and Hollywood.com. Desai then moved to the other side of the country to continue her dream and obtained a graduate degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University.

In case you were under the impression that Desai could only take on entertainment news, let me drop this truth bomb on you: in 2006 Desai worked at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. Not only did she work at the hub of political news in the country, she helped create CNN’s Middle East “Crisis Desk.” The crisis desk connects stranded Americans with their families.

Yes, Desai has managed to do all of *this*, and in stilettos with perfectly coiffed hair, too, I might add! I’m here wondering where do I apply to become her apprentice and how can some of that Desai magic dust wear off on me? But moving on; after CNN, Desai moved back to California to join Inside Edition as a producer. She simultaneously worked on developing her own beauty brand while also working as a makeup artist for brides, models, and Hollywood talent. Her mad skills can be seen in Seventeen Magazine and even on the Golden Globes red carpet.

While working as a makeup artist, she returned in front of the camera as a Host for “Lux Lifestyles,” a luxury travel show on Wealth TV, then as the host for the “#OWNshow,” Oprah’s exclusive web show, where she is a lifestyle and beauty expert on air.

Blessed, grateful, proud & honored to say that I worked for this legend @oprah What a speech! || fun fact: I hosted a digital series for oprah.com and in 2014 (literally 6 weeks after delivering my baby girl Mila) I set off to join Oprah & her team for The Life You Want Tour. It was the most incredible experience in my lifetime professionally. I got to interview amazing minds like @elizabeth_gilbert_writer and @deepakchopra and share a stage with @gayleking I also got to watch every show at each arena and it was more powerful & inspiring each time. Biggest memory I will forever remember is bringing my parents to the final show and having them meet Oprah too. She even gave my dad that big hug @reesewitherspoon mentioned could solve world peace 🤗❤️ It’s a time I will forever hold dear in my heart! Swipe 👈🏽 to see the moment when I became the favorite child 😜😉 #goldenglobes #goldenglobes2018 #oprah #cecilbdemilleaward

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In recent years, Desai has added blogger and YouTuber to her resume. She began her own lifestyle website and YouTube channel to develop her own brand.

So to recap, Desai is a renown broadcast journalist, producer, makeup artist, blogger, YouTuber, writer, web show host, a life-hack queen, and a mother of two. And she may just have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen.

Is there anything Desai can’t do? And does she magically have more hours in the day? As she says on her site amidesai.com, she is building her “personal brand as a modern mom influencer that brings together her experience as a host, makeup artist and mom to help inform other women like her on how to juggle it all.” Yes, please, show me your ways, Desai, because I have yet to learn to juggle it some, forget all!



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